Friday, March 07, 2008

more on profiling

Well, after being forced to go down the manual speed profiling route, I'm pretty happy about the results. Manually inserting timing code around loops of single (if possible) calls is nice because you can focus your search in a reasonably directed, intelligent way. Since giving up on Eclipse's TPTP profiler yesterday evening, I was able to optimise various parts of the code so that the main client/server conversation executes five or six times faster than previously. Most of the optimisations were of the "cache objects instead of constantly recreating them locally" variety, which can introduce errors (which is always a risk when adding more state to your code, but hey, welcome to one of the downsides of OO) but can also improve performance drastically.

I'm hoping I can find more higher-level optimisations over the next while, but I've gotta draw a line now and get back to adding functionality, or I'll look like quite the sap when I have to demo the current stuff to my pals.

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