Sunday, September 17, 2006

In Mayo, it seems people are taught to piss on the streets...

Living in an apartment on a laneway off a busy city centre street in Dublin affords some unsavoury sights, such as these Mayo gaelic fans pissing on the street across from my kitchen windows.

In the past hour, my webcam observed 20 or so of them wandering up in broad daylight to urinate like animals.
So I thought they deserved to have their ugly behaviour shown publically, since they obviously don't care much about how they act while visiting another city. I bet they wouldn't be too happy with Dubliners visiting their county to piss outside their houses...

If you recognise any of these blurry morons, feel free to point at them and laugh, and wash your hands after you come into contact with them.

What's in Sligo?

Just got back from a weekend in Sligo. Quite a nice one too - the last time I was there, I was 3 years old and only remember cutting my foot on a broken glass that was left on the hotel room floor.
This time around, we stayed in a nice cheap hostel (Sligo International Tourist hostel), walked round the city a lot, ate too much food in a surprisingly inexpensive (for the gigantic amount of food) Chinese restaurant off Wine St beside Tesco, and had a fun night and morning at the Harp Tavern on Quay St.
Not a bad place to visit, although not entirely empty of scumbag kids, but what place is?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

harsh sentencing for software piracy

When a man is sentenced to 7 and a half years in jail for software piracy when people are given shorter sentences for rape, armed robbery and assault, it begs the question of whether the society in question has its priorities straight.

I do believe software piracy (especially for profit) is lame, and this guy did basically rip-off other people's work to the tune of USD$20m, but over 7 years seems far too extreme in comparison with crimes of a violent nature or cause a single individual to suffer greatly, where the sentencing seems equal.

The guy has already been made to pay restitution for his crimes; where is the good in sending him away for the best part of a decade? That's just putting a massive, meaningless crater in someone's life.