Monday, March 28, 2011

Rachota... oh no you di'n't!

Started using Rachota a couple of days ago to keep track of how much time I'm spending on my research, which currently consists of reading a big stats book.

Clicked into the "Analytics" tab just now and was informed of the following:
* You don't categorize your tasks enough. Try to assign some keyword to as many tasks as you can. This helps to track how much time your projects consume.
* You seem to spend too much time on private tasks or off the computer. Either minimize working on private stuff or don't leave your computer often without measuring such activity.
* It looks like your tasks are either very short or too long. Try to consolidate the short ones or divide the complex tasks. This helps to identify where your time really goes.
* You don't prioritize your tasks correctly. Use different priorities to distinguish important tasks from the low priority ones. This helps to keep focus on your real objectives.
* You don't use regular tasks properly. This might indicate you often work on a task that is not set as regular or there is a regular task that in fact occurs very rarely.
* It seems you leave your tasks open forever. Instead, close it once you are done with each task in reality to make your daily ToDo list shorter. Or don't you really finish anything?


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pointing float

> =(1/0.1)
> =(1/(1-0.9))

> =math.ceil(1/0.1)
> =math.ceil(1/(1-0.9))