Saturday, February 18, 2006

Get to the CHOPPA!!

Block CodeSubject CodeSubject NameFinal MarkResult
Semester 1CA300Introduction to Artificial Intelligence86P
Semester 1CA304Computer Networks 293P
Semester 1CA306Database Deployment74P
Semester 1CA313Algorithms & Complexity84P
Semester 1CA31400 Analysis and Design77P
Semester 1CA321Operating Systems Design & Implementation81P

Yarr! I thought databases went pretty well, given that I got 85 for the practical... so I must have made a balls of the paper somehow.

Ahh well, it's still certainly time to do a little jig of pleasure.

Friday, February 17, 2006

bitfields and bytes and words

Well, it started out as a "this will probably take 30 minutes" thing, and it just kept trundling on and became 4 hours, but I think the core of the code representing a generic, arbitrary length bitfield (which is now easily extendible) is kind of coming together now, so I can play around with bytes and words and have control over the flags, which means registers and memory should be easy to implement and hopefully, handling the D6 instruction set should be simple and intuitive.


class Byte : public Bitfield {
Byte(bool *_flags = 0) :
Bitfield(8, _flags) {}
void operator=(const int rhs) { Bitfield::operator =(rhs); };

class Word : public Bitfield {
Word(bool *_flags = 0) :
Bitfield(16, _flags) {}
void operator=(const int rhs) { Bitfield::operator =(rhs); };

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

win32 and OOP

Getting through this stuff is like swimming through jelly... well, I don't really have any idea what it'd be like to swim through jelly, but I'd guess that it's slow and requires enormous effort.
I expected it would be nice and simple, but instead I'm looking at a template class called a ControllerFactory which inherits from the abstract CtrlFactory class.
Having not known about templates nor really thought much about virtual functions and abstract classes (nor about operator and operator cast overloading) before getting stuck into these tutorials, it's more like a series of wakeup-calls about C++ (in that the author assumes that the reader is already entirely comfortable with such aspects) than lessons in win32 programming.
Hopefully there's some point soon at which I get a grasp on the way OO methodology is used to wrap ugly winapi code, and then I can move a little faster.
It's so easy to be arrogant and make false assumptions about your coding ability when you have any experience - coming from functional (or trial and error) programming to the OO paradigm is a much bigger step than I ever gave credit for.

It doesn't really help my concentration that my guts are screaming at me for eating all that chinese food last night... especially the "soup" with those orange chilli bean things. Gak!

Friday, February 10, 2006

"If you can’t write programs that can be modified, don’t bother."

Found some very nice tutorials on OO stuff in C++ at relisoft here and more general techniques on good code development and maintenance here.

Now if I could just get through the Win32 tutorial...

Damn you Avatar.... daaaammmnn yoouUuUUUUU!!!!

I basically created this blog so I could write a one line comment on Damo's blog... but what the fuck?