Saturday, February 24, 2007

scim + firefox 2

Firefox 2 and 1.5 as distributed by Mozilla are linked against a different version of libstdc++ than the binary distributions of the SCIM input method. I think. Anyway, whatever way it's done, Firefox crashes immediately on startup - running it from the command line produces this output:
/usr/lib/firefox/ line 131: 2198 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
I encountered this problem before and worked around it by specifying xim as the GTK input method module... but this meant I couldn't use any input methods.

So it happened again today when Firefox updated itself to, and I happened upon a much nicer workaround:
sudo vim `which firefox`
then add:
a line before "moz_pis_startstop_scripts()".

This allows me to use SCIM in Firefox 2. Happy days...!

careful now... DOH!



Anyway, I did pretty shit in my fourth year semester one exams - worse than any other semester since I started the course in 2003. I think my average is about 67%, but I can't be sure until I get my Cryptography assignment marked... looks like I only scored 67% on that paper as well, though. Unnnh...

It's weird - I walked out of most of the exams thinking "I nailed that!", but nope. This means I need an average of 75% or better on my three subjects and final year project to get a first class honours degree. Usually I'd say "no problem, I keel you. Badges? We don't need no steenking badges!" but after last semester I dunno what to think - seems like my level of understanding sense was pretty inaccurate...