Thursday, March 23, 2006

it's... ALIVE!!

Finally, we got our D6 simulator project integrated and looking good on Tuesday morning. I'd been up all night by that point, and John had been up -two- nights, and I managed to slip into that mode where you don't feel like you have the energy to focus on the "bigger picture", and instead spend hours doing menial, seemingly trivial tasks with uncharacteristic patience.

In this case, those trivial tasks ended up being the logic for saving files and warning when trying to close or compile an unsaved file (ie: a dirty bool), getting the close all command working, implementing accelerator keys (turned out to be so simple, it was addictive) and a couple of other fixes (including debugging a couple of crashers, although that might have been the day before. Hard to tell when you're almost hallucinating with the tiredness).

So a word of advice - if you've got a project with a growing todo list of trivial fixes that you're never motivated to do because there's always something seemingly more important, just deprive yourself of a day's sleep and turn yourself into a robot - before you're aware of it, you'll have fixed them all. :P

Here's a link to the preliminary project page I threw up; I'll get the project online after a few tidyups (guess who left a silly debug in, and forgot to add an accelerator for the obvious Compile dialogue?).

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