Tuesday, March 21, 2006

d6emu todo list... by 9am tomorrow...

With 8 hours and 50 minutes before we need to submit our D6 emulator project, I'm going to waste this time to put down a rough todo list of things to iron out (or implement completely).

Current todo list:
  1. Accelerators [20 mins] done
  2. Status bar info [10 mins] dodgy
  3. Finish/print user manual [40 mins] done
  4. and tech manual... [40 mins] done
  5. Test stability [15 mins] done
  6. Goto dialogue [10 mins] done!
  • Make sure compilation threads and line error jumping works
  • Switch txt/asm in default file open/save as extension list
  • Remove debug messages! (eg. in dump memory dialogue)
  • Change D6 background to grey
  • Default processing in dialogue boxes (ie... close button)

Hopefully I can do some of that after 4 hours' sleep.


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