Saturday, May 08, 2010

Thoughtless showers

(from Wikipedia article on brainstorming)
Some governmental organisations (The Welsh Development Agency and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Belfast) have reached the conclusion that the term 'brainstorming' is offensive to people with epilepsy (see political correctness) and have suggested the alternative "thought-showers".

Oh you stupid, stupid people. You hideously moronic, making-reasons-to-get-offended-about-clearly-inoffensive-things obsessive wankers. You waste public tax funds to research what existing terms could be deemed offensive to somebody by reading it in some contrived and obviously unintended context - something which is completely out of your mandate.

Happily, the article continues:
However, research by the National Society for Epilepsy found of those affected by epilepsy questioned, 93% considered the term inoffensive. A specific comment states that changes need not be made since that could promote an undesirable image of epileptics being easily offended.

Here's a tip for (predominantly) UK government-funded organisations: do your job. Don't waste your time and money determining which terms might offend somebody somewhere if viewed in some funny way. That's not your job.

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