Friday, February 12, 2010

What is the proposer's occupation?

Looking up insurance quotes on a few different sites, I found a funny form on Britton Insurance's website, which asks among other things, "What is the proposer's occupation?".

The choice available is quite amazing - here are some examples:

Bacon Curer, Baggage Handler, Bailiff, Baker, Bakery Assistant, Bakery Manager, Bakery Operative, Balloonist, ... Skipper, Slater, Smallholder, ... Stock Controller, Stock Manager, Stockman, Stocktaker, Stockbroker, Stone Cutter, Stone Sawyer, Stonemason, ... Sub-postmistress, ... Tachograph Analyst, Tacker, Tailor, Tank Farm Operative (WTF?), Tanker Driver, Tanner, Tarmaccer, Tarot Reader/Palmistry Expert

I'd like to put down balloonist, but it would be a wishful lie.

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