Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ireland's gradual transformation to a police state

Well, here we are. The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform have made it so that all migrants to Ireland from outside the EU must be fingerprinted (and their details shared with who knows how many foreign agencies). And of course, the costs for this are passed on to the migrants themselves - they will pay another €50 on top of the old €100 "registration" fee to lose their privacy. I have to wonder what practical use there will really be for the fingerprinting.

The "Land of the 100000 welcomes" is long dead and buried by this point. What disturbs me is all the people who feel that all foreigners should be fingerprinted and they're lucky they're not just sent home immediately anyway. What if all Irish citizens had to be fingerprinted? Would that be okay? No? So why the double-standard, and where does it stop?

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