Sunday, June 29, 2008

Extra legs on a dog

This hi-larious entry on the wikiwikiweb offers a series of biological analogies for the origins of some popular/not-so-popular programming languages, on the premise "how other languages became ObjectOriented octopi".

I particularly like:

  • ..made by taking an 8-legged dog, housebreaking it, and tearing out its skeleton. Then giving it a machine shop.

    • a boneless 8-legged dog manages to be less useful than either an octopus or a dog - but it comes with a machine shop, so that's good.

That said, this is exactly the kind of thing that I would chuckle ceaselessly at, for which even fellow coders would shun me for being lame and non computer scientists would simply presume me to be insane. Fair play, really.

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  1. Anonymous13/7/08 03:53

    "This is a fine bathtub."

    "Yes, but it needs a chainsaw."

    "I see where you're going. I'll go get the llama and the bucket. Can you scare up some lark vomit?"

    "Sure! We have some left over from the last project. Also, a brace of hams."

    "And an Uzi? In case, you know, things get . . . out of control again."

    "Behind the door, next to the water pistol full of holy water."