Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This very good read takes the form of responses to answers on the C++ FAQ Lite. The author makes no attempt to hide his contempt for the language, and for well-explained reasons (for example, that the C++ grammar is actually undecidable and thus parsing it can sometimes have bizarre results).

I'd recommend this to anyone caught in the popular grip of C++, rather than finding out (or being caught in denial) about the pain awaiting programmers of any level. Hint: lack of garbage collection, extreme, multi-pronged lameness of templates and not-exactly-encapsulation feature heavily.

Personally, I've been working in Java for the last while anyway, but I've promised myself I'd get into (Smart)Eiffel for a while now, which seems like a much, much simpler and unambiguous language with garbage collection, a decent string class and no poxy operator overloading, and still reasonably efficient in the general case, compared to C++. Also, the D programming language may be worth a look, which seems to have some good built-in string handling (but no multiple-inheritance. Meh?).

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