Tuesday, May 08, 2007

more exams

Another set of exams coming up. This time, I think I'll fall back on the tactics I used in 2nd and 3rd year - just reading as much as possible, then using mnemonics to memorise lists of keywords to remind me of notable elements in each subject.
I'm not sure if I'll use Pauker at all for this - my exam performance in semester one this year was much worse than last year (68% average compared to 81%...??), probably because I was biting off too much to chew. The flashcards route needs more experimentation for general study.
Anyway, this time there are only three exams, one of which (Compiler Construction 2) is almost a gimme (although I thought its predecessor was a great exam and only ended up getting 63% or something on the paper, so I'll have to be wary), one of which should be alright given a bit of care and attention (Real-time Embedded) and one of which will require a bit more work since it's so bloody abstract (Z).
That said, JM seems really decent so I don't think he'll fuck us over on the exam.
Just have to stop procrastinating now...

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