Wednesday, March 21, 2007

consequences of blind faith

BBC: Indonesians jailed for beheadings

This really makes me wonder how people can possibly be that vicious and remorseless. This guy and his two friends beheaded 3 schoolgirls because they were students at a Christian school, as revenge (or something) against the Christian community for some previous violence against Muslims.

How could their made-up rubbish (religion) be more important than the lives of innocent civilians? He said at the sentencing that he didn't care about going to jail either, demonstrating a total absence of remorse.

As far as I see it, religion offers only the "blind faith" needed to murder innocents in the name of God and brotherhood. This is the same kind of conditioned psychotic mentality exhibited when fanatical Muslims burned down embassies and basically violently wrecked the place over those Muhammad cartoons. Idiots.

The old Christian phrase "love of money is the root of all evil" is inaccurate. I think the correct one should be "blind faith in religion is the root of all evil", because it allows apparently normal people to dehumanise and then horrendously butcher and murder other civilians.

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