Friday, December 08, 2006

Atari Falcon emulator

...And when I say emulator, I mean emulator, not what people often think they mean when they mention Aranym, which isn't one.

Hatari in CVS now has the beginnings of support for TT and Falcon emulation - no software that could emulate these machines successfully has ever been released or even publically mentioned before as far as I know.

Unfortunately, Hatari is only developed for Unix systems and the source doesn't seem very easily portable to Windows as yet (okay, I haven't looked at the source, but I'm guessing that that's the case). However, it compiles and runs just fine in Ubuntu and performs well. What a bombshell!

Here's the announcement on the great site.


  1. Anonymous19/8/07 01:23

    I only hope this time MIDI will be in mind. I really think it has non sense things like Aranym when the unique aplications still impressive for the Atari are a lot of MIDI ones, and more , being the Atari the unique plataform to run a lot of SYSEX editors. A Atari is today still great for real time MIDI, not for word proccefor word porccesing or office. It's obvious. Including for programming, is absolutelly uneccessary to have a «virtual machine» for spedd, as we all could take use of crosscompiling in Linux.

    Regards and congratulations to the programer for the project.

  2. Anonymous4/9/08 20:44

    you are full rigth, really is a stupid thing an Atari without MIDI, it is simply madness. I hope some of the really interesting hardware pojects from today (fpga derivatives) will understand this.