Sunday, October 29, 2006

So Argos are selling what looks like a half-decent scanner/laser printer yoke, pretty cheap. Great, except it seems to be sold with no USB cable. Meaning, sold in a non-working state - an incomplete product.
However, just down the bottom of that page, marked as "Essential Extras" is a gold-plated USB A-B cable costing a ridiculous €20 - that's 1/5 the price at which they're selling the printer.
There's an alternative non-gold-plated cable listed on that page for €10, which still seems expensive for a damn cable. Compare this with this €1.80 cable on Elara... under a fifth of the price for the same thing. Cheeky, Argos!

To top it off, the printer comes with a condescendingly named "Starter cartridge", meaning they don't even supply the printer with a full complement of ink. And Argos don't seem to sell any toner for that printer either. In fact, I can't find anywhere that explicitly offers this kind of toner in Dublin, although I probably wouldn't buy branded toner since it seems prohibitively expensive.

Why is buying a printer such a difficult, complicated task? With all the trickery, I always feel like I'll be getting a bad deal somehow. I'd hate to think what finding a mortgage is like....

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