Monday, June 04, 2007

the vacuum of "just-finished-college"

It's over. It's over. It's over. Takes a little while to really sink in, but now that I've finished my degree in Computer Applications (and what a truly fun degree it was!) at DCU, I'm free to do all those things I planned to get into during college but never had the time.
But I still haven't really done any of it, except for starting to learn Eiffel. Anyway, I'll have to get cracking before I find a job, or I might never start on it.

Just in case anyone is interested in a (not very)proof-of-concept program where you can train the TD(λ) players against either other temporal difference learners or against random players and view the plays made in a single game, I've put up the windows/linux binaries here.

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  1. you, my friend, are a geek. :P

    been trying to read through your entries here and drowned in all the computer talk.

    anyway, tomorrow i'll be coming to dublin for the summer. yay!

    drop me a line with some contact details at